Considering how occupants feel

Clean Fresh Air

A State of the art Building Energy Management System provides clean fresh air for the occupants of The Well. It is estimated that 1,500 cubic metres per hour of air are passing through the building, to keep it fresh, to keep it pleasant and to make it a nice place to work.

Thermal Comfort

Internal insulation ensuring optimal thermal comfort for employees

Reduced VOC’s

Natural materials are used in the interior of The Well building to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in the air. In a lot of old buildings, carpets and seating are used which can contain VOC’s that cause respiratory issues. In The Well, solid hardwood flooring, marble stairs, granite worktops and natural materials have been used wherever possible. The beach, oak and ash floors used throughout the building came from Denmark, where they were produced in a sustainable way – every tree that is cut down is replaced by seven more.

Acoustic Design

Noise levels are minimised in the building through acoustic design. Glass walls separate office spaces to noise levels, while maintaining an open plan feel. People generally like to work in discreet cells, while also maintaining a sense of community.

Office Ergonomics

Ergonomic workstations have been provided and staff have received individual VDU workstation assessments to ensure that they are set up correctly. Regular breaks, stretching and changes of activity are encouraged.

Natural Lighting

Harvesting as much of the natural daylighting as possible

Natural Views & Biophilia

Providing views of the external natural landscape. Where views of the external landscape are not possible we have improved the biophilia with large canvas prints of scenes from nature.

Social Interaction

Every effort has been made to ensure the work environment at The Well building is conducive to social interaction. The use of glass walls internally to separate office spaces allows for natural light to filter through the building and also creates visual connections making staff feel like everyone is accessible, visible and available.

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