Outer Fabric

Improving thermal performance while retaining the original design of the building

Thermal Performance

To improve the thermal performance, a lattice of metal work was built onto the purlins of the roof and the ceiling was dropped down and filled with insulation and an airtight barrier to stop draughts and air leakage. The walls were stepped back and filled with insulation, also behind an airtight barrier. Where possible, sustainable material such as rock wool was used for insulation.

Retaining Original Design

Changes could be made inside the building but the exterior of the building had to remain the same as all the surrounding buildings. The addition of an electric roller shutter that could be opened during the day avoided planning issues. The roller shutter also has a few other useful functions like it gives some extra security at night, it helps the building to retain more heat during the night and it could potentially provide shading in the summer. The only thing that was not changed in terms of the envelope of the building were the windows at the front because changing them would have raised planning issues.

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